CHROMuLAN Project Website

CHROMuLAN web pages are moving to SourceForge
Web pages of the project are moving to SourceForge. You can already ask questions regarding the CHROMuLAN software in the Help forum.
How to use CHROMuLAN with other devices
Document explaining how to use CHROMuLAN with devices communicating RS-232 was added to this website.
CHROMuLAN v0.79 - released
New features:
  • Multipoint calibration
  • Calculation of theoretical number of plates
CHROMuLAN v0.60 - tested
Fixed browser bugs introduced in v0.58
CHROMuLan v0.58 - tested
This version introduces new overlay manager and solves previous close sequence without save bug. Version was already short time tested at INGOS company with AAA-400 Amino Acid Analyzer and no bigger problems was notices. Long term tests are performed now.
UL_DRV 0.6.1 - released
Fixed version of uLan driver behaves correctly with dongle converter. Driver was tested on Win2000, WinNT and Linux with success. Driver works with Win98 but Win98 scheduler blocks interrupts for 8 ms and longer intervals for WDM driver and this causes occasional packet loses.

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