CHROMuLAN Project Website

Version tested and running with AAA-400 recommended by PiKRON and INGOS developers for AAA-400 user upgrades.
Utilities v0.60
CHROMuLAN utilities including ASCII data file converter and uLan accessories.
Download Directory Listing
Directory with several last versions of CHROMuLAN with source code.
uLan Driver v0.6.1 for NT
Self-installing archive for WindowsNT 4.0 version of driver prepared for computers equipped by Tedia OX16C954 based RS-485 PCI card or PiKRON 80C510 based ISA RS-485 card. Installed driver is usable for PiKRON RS-232<=>RS-485 dongle converter, but this setup requires manual configuration modification by registry editing or CHROMuLan driver setup dialog.
uLan Driver v0.6.1 for Windows2000/98
ZIP archive containing WDM PnP driver files for Windows2000 and Windows98 systems. PnP information files can be used for automatic PCI OX16C954 card recognition and uLan installation. Driver can be assigned with use of device manager for new or existing PiKRON uLan ISA card or dongle as well.

Last change: 3/24/2004 08:06:42 pm